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❶Choose which activities you include based on what might be of interest to your potential employer.

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Your cover letters should be specific to each employer. Clearly state why you are writing to the employer. If appropriate, identify, by name, the person who suggested you contact the employer. Emphasize why you would do well in this job. Expand upon specific details from your resume that match the position for which you are applying.

Close with an appreciative statement i. U niversity of W isconsin —Madison. Information you need to have: Include your name, email, address and phone number. Get started on writing your cover letter with some of these general tips and guidelines, including who to address your letter to and basic formatting.

This document also contains a sample cover letter. U niversity of W isconsin —Madison. Internship course International Students. Yeah, you read that right. Resume Samples and Tool Guides. Document Anatomy of a Bullet Point More Breaking down your work experience into snapshots of success. Information you need to have: Include your name, email, address and phone number.

What kind of job do you want? Include degree level, major, date and university Include GPA: Highlight any directly related experience this can vary based on who you are sending your resume to Include sections of your choice, such as: Use phrases, avoid personal pronouns; use action verbs i.

For each experience, list your duties and accomplishments. Be quantitative, if possible. Use descriptive words such as proficient, advanced, etc. Resumes are looked at quickly: For BS students, your resume should only be one page long. Remember these are only samples, but make your resume work for you:

Resume Samples and Tool Guides

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Cover Letters provide a more in-depth explanation of your resume, relevant experiences and your immediate career goals. It is usually a response to specific job postings, but can also be used as a .

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Your cover letter and resume are not meant to be duplicates of each other, but to be complements. They should work together to help build your case as a qualified candidate for .

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Additionally, if you are a student at UW-Madison, the Writing Center would be happy to give you a writing teacher’s feedback on a resume draft. We see many resumes from all kinds of students in the Writing Center, and our instructors will help you fit your resume to your particular audience based on the job description you provide. Resumes & Cover Letters; Academics. Undergraduate Academics. Choosing a Major; Using resume samples can help you understand how a resume should look. Remember these are only samples, but make your resume work for you: You can support The College of Engineering by making a gift to the University of Wisconsin Foundation. Give Today.

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We are committed to providing the support you need to help you succeed! Student support at UW-Madison reaches beyond finances. Our faculty and staff at the School of Music care deeply about their students. We encourage students to take advantage of these postings to improve their resumes while earning a few extra dollars along the way. Our Madison, Wisconsin resume specialist will assist in creating a professional and effective career profile specifically targeted to meet prospective career goals.