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Hamlet Essay

Hamlet had just killed Polonius, and his two friends were questioning him as to where he placed the body of the dead man. The strange thing about this scene is that Hamlet seems to play with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and does not give them a straight answer. Next is another situation that cannot be totally explained. Then again there are different perspectives as to whether Hamlet waited until the end to actually gain revenge. For within the play there are many insinuations that Hamlet tortured Claudius all the way up until he killed the king.

Two instances are particularly evident. At the moment that the actor playing the part of the king is killed Claudius leaps from his seat and rushes out of the theater infuriated. This violent action by the king overjoys Hamlet for now he knows that it was Claudius who murdered his father.

More than the fact that he knows that Claudius is the murderer, Hamlet is slowly and painfully gaining his revenge of his fathers death. The other instance where Hamlet could have killed Claudius was in act three scene three. In this particular scene Hamlet comes upon Claudius while he is knelt in prayer.

Hamlet draws his sword and intends to kill Claudius there in prayer but then decides to wait. Hamlet comes to the conclusion that he should wait until Claudius is commuting a sin so he will go to hell, as opposed to killing him in prayer where he would then go to heaven. The obvious reason Hamlet waits is to bring more than just the pain of his sword to Claudius and torture him until the end.

In act three scene four, Hamlet enters his mothers bedroom at her wish and first kills Polonius, then proceeds to make love to his mother. Hamlet was obsessed with his mother but before the situation in the bedroom escalated his father, the ghost, appeared and reminded him of the plight which he was supposed to be accomplishing.

At first Hamlet seems to be going mad over the fact that he is not allowed to see Ophelia. He is then determined to gain revenge for his father and goes about torturing Claudius in a systematic and genius manner. Finally, Hamlet is caught up in his love for his mother which brings him back to the point of insanity. In conclusion Hamlet is torn between two worlds, that of the sane and well and that of the crazed and insane.

Hamlet See all college papers and term papers on Hamlet. Need a different custom essay on Hamlet? Buy a custom essay on Hamlet. Need a custom research paper on Hamlet? Click here to buy a custom term paper. Other sample model essays: It is in figurative language form. The poem is divided into 2 Stanza"s with 3 lines The quote "material without being real" shows the emptiness of an existence with the realization of a tainted ideal.

Fittingly, this quote from Nick is placed after Daisy leaves Gatsby. Critical Reading Log Pe Similarly, you will need to recognize what Hamlet symbolizes in the play. Essentially, an essay on Hamlet will tackle the revenge as well as terrible attributes inhibited by the character named Hamlet. You cannot expect to get a good score on your essay if you fail to notice and mention that Hamlet was pursuing revenge in the whole course of the play.

For a literature student, theme recognition should not be a problem. However, you should understand that your essay has the potential of reaching an audience that is not very conversant with themes. Therefore, before beginning to discuss the theme, it is vital to describe what it is about Hamlet that makes her the protagonist in the play.

For example, provide a detailed exposition of the exciting facts as well as features that your reader might not know about Hamlet. By themselves, such features may not be enough to convince the reader that Hamlet is the leading character in the play. Given that your essay should be critical, you ought to describe the other characters who are participating in the play, and the way in which they relate with Hamlet.

A better analysis of the play can be presented if the writer conducts further research. Each of the authors provides an evaluation of the works according to his or understanding. For example, if you are encountering challenges trying to understand the plot of the play, you can research and get a simplified summary of the plot and character analysis easily. This will enable you tow rite your critical essay easily, besides minimizing the possibility of making misleading conclusions that can earn you less marks.

On the other hand, you can divert from the conventional essay-writing format and discuss the technique used in writing the play. Your instructor will most likely be amazed by this unique deviation, and will give you more credit for your creativity.

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Custom Hamlet Essay “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare is the play completely penetrated by the motifs of death. The main character, Hamlet is obsessed with the death since childhood.

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